Before you send that e-mail, please note the following...

I do not sell, distribute, or manufacture hobby products.
I'm just a guy who likes to build and fly model aircraft.
You'd be supprised how many people ask me to send them a catalog! : )

I get a lot of e-mails asking me what I think would be a good beginner's airplane/glider/helicopter.
I have a section called "get started" under each aircraft catagory of my web-site. You'll find what I think are good beginner's choices there.

I don't get too much e-mail - some days none, other days 3 or 4 messages. I try to respond to all questions but will not always know the answer.

If you're looking for a club in your area, try this web site.
There are newsgroups that deal with airplanes, helicopters, and gliders that are a great source of information.
They are rec.models.rc.air, rec.models.rc.helicopter and rec.models.rc.soaring.
If you've never used a newsgroup then you're missing out on a big part of what the Internet has to offer. Take the time to learn how...you can find out almost anything about almost anything!

One other source of information that should be mentioned is Deja News. This is a newsgroup search engine that is immensely useful.

So, that being said...feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments.